Coated Drinkware

  • $10.00
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This option is for items that you would like to have a special clear coat over the entire drinkware including the decal. Our Mariah Collection does not require this coating since it’s etched. This coating takes an additional 4 days to the days listed on the item(s) which is our minimum 5-10 business day turn around. This is per item and not towards the total of your order. 

If you have have more than one item that needs to be coated, please make sure to add this item to as many items. 

Reminder: our decals are made with permanent vinyl and when taken care of as directed, will last on their own without any coating. Our clear coating gives you an extra layer of permanent protection that seals the decal and the glass together. 

Our coating is NOT dishwasher or microwave safe. We recommend using a soft non abrasive sponge when cleaning your drinkware.

Thank you. 

***What is a business day? Our shop considers itself a Monday-Friday shop. We also do not consider Holidays as business days.***